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Fares are determined by meter rates which are set by Fairfax County Government.

$3.50   MILEAGE RATE -
First 1/6th mile or fraction thereof
$ .36   Each succeeding 1/6 mile or fraction thereof
$1.00   ADDITIONAL PASSENGER RATE – For each passenger over 12 years of age, entering or departing the taxicab at the same location as any other passenger.
When more than one passenger enters a taxicab at the same time bound for different destinations, the fare will be charged as follows: When the first passenger exits the cab, the fare will be paid and the meter will be reset; when the next passenger exits the cab, the fare will be paid and the meter will be reset; repeat until all passengers have exited cab and final fare is paid.
$ .36   WAITING TIME RATE – For each 61 seconds of waiting time.
Waiting time begins five minutes after the requested pickup time and arrival at the place where the taxicab was called. Waiting time may be charged while the taxicab is stopped, or slowed for traffic at a speed less than 10 miles per hour. While such time is charged, there will be no charge for mileage. Waiting time includes time consumed for delays or stopovers in route at the direction of the passenger. Waiting time does not include time lost caused by the inefficiency of a taxicab or a taxicab driver.
OTHER CHARGES: None of the charges authorized below will be allowed unless the driver informs the passenger of such charges at the point of pickup.
$ .25   Grocery bags - Or similar sized articles, per item, handled by driver in excess of 2 bags per passenger. (Maximum charge per passenger: $1.00.)
$ .50   Luggage - Per item handled by the driver
$2.00   Large luggage – Minimum of three cubic feet handled by the driver
$ .75   Personal Service - Each time the driver is required to leave the vicinity of the taxicab at the passenger’s request will constitute a separate personal service. No such charge will be made for an individual with a disability.
$1.00   Animals (other) - Will be transported only at the discretion of the driver and only if the passenger agrees to keep the animal under control. Maximum charge per animal.
Service animals will be transported at No Charge when accompanying an individual with a disability.
Tolls and Surcharges   Any airport surcharges or highway tolls paid by the taxicab driver may be added to the fare of the trip. If more than one passenger is transported, the driver may not recover more than the total toll actually paid during the trip.
$4.00   Cleaning Charge - If the taxicab is left in an unsanitary condition that requires the taxicab to be cleaned immediately after completion of the trip.


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